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Coronavirus | We’re in this together

Updated April 9, 2021.

To our friends, family and customers,

The last year has been a journey, we have completely adapted our business.  It hasn't been easy and we just want to say thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Shipping is taking longer as every link in our supply chain is implementing COVID safety protocols.  We are doing our best to get your purchases to you as fast as we can.  We appreciate your business, thank you for being a Baker Rowe customer.  

Best Regards,

Laura Baker

Owner of Baker Rowe 


Update from January 21, 2021.

Welcome 2021, Happy New Year!  Wow, the last 12 months have been quite the journey.  In 2020 we went remote, implemented rotating work schedules, contactless pick ups and drop offs with our vendors, customers and suppliers not to mention countless safety protocols.  

If your like us, you have an endless supply of hand sanitizer, hand soaps, gloves, disposable masks and selection of cloth masks.  

We continue to work through never ending challenges daily.  

Shipping is taking a little longer as logistic warehouses have implemented distance protocols, there are less delivery pick ups and drop offs and we only have one shipping clerk shipping in our warehouse at any time.  

In addition, due to ever changing local, state and national restrictions, we had to disable international payments and shipping.  We will continue to ship internationally, but you will need to contact us first so we can confirm that a carrier can ship to your address, provide you with a shipping price and time frame.  We are sending our international clients invoices and secure payment portals to complete their purchases.  

We know all these things might sound odd, but we've overcome so much, stayed positive and if you work with us, we promise to get your your merchandise the best and fasted ways we can.  

We are here for you.   We appreciate you shopping with Baker Rowe and wish you the best in health in 2021.

Best Regards,

Laura Baker

Owner of Baker Rowe


Below our original Coronavirus Update from August 2020


There is no higher value than the safety of our employees and our customers.  Here at Baker Rowe, we continue to actively monitor the ongoing developments surrounding (COVID-19), we are committed to doing our part in taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus, while continuing to serve our customers responsibly.

Over the past several months we have taken protective measures to safeguard our team members and customers from exposures.  
Because, our employees and customers are our utmost concern we are following CDC and other government guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 by continuing to:

  • Supply employees with face masks and gloves (required to wear)

  • Providing hand sanitizer and washing stations to employees.

  • Have only one employee working at a time in the warehouse or office at a time.

  • Practicing social distancing by having associates work from home and limiting office and warehouse staff

  • Holding all meetings virtually 

  • Having items shipped directly from manufacturers when possible to limit interactions to products.  

  • Holding returns for at least three days prior to returning and not returning merchandise to our inventory until after it's been sanitized.  
  • Having our deliveries to office and warehouse done touch free.
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning... did we say cleaning.  We are constantly sanitizing all high touch surfaces (tables, shipping stations, laptops, phone, printers, chairs, tape guns + more) with disinfectant and disinfecting spray. 

These changes have been challenging and we will continue to maintain our commitment to service our customers as we get through these unprecedented times – and we will.  

Thank you for being a valued customer.

Laura Baker

Owner of Baker Rowe