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Baker Rowe

LED Lighted Flameless Halloween Candles Five (5)-Piece Set

LED Lighted Flameless Halloween Candles Five (5)-Piece Set

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Great for Halloween - this set of five (5) genuine wax led candles, each are 5-3/4" tall with a gently flickering flame-shaped bulb on top (and small LED light inside the candle itself so the entire candle illuminates)

The candles look like real candles but are battery operated (2-AA for each, not included) - so they are portable, you can put them on tables, front porch, under windows, mantels etc, and no electric wires are needed, they will flicker for hours and hours, they use low wattage LED lights. 

Fantastic wax candles in orange with black dripping from the top, the images are black and on both sides of the candles.

Great classic Halloween graphics on the candles that light-up with haunting appeal. These are NEW