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Le Cadeaux

Antiqua Turquoise Baguette Tray & Laguiole Knife Gift Set GS-BT-ATQT

810266026375 Le Cadeaux Antiqua Turquoise GS-BT-ATQT Baguette Tray


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You have the ability to bring an extra punch of color or new design to your kitchen, countertop, or dinner table with the Le Cadeaux Antiqua Turquoise Baguette Serving Tray & Laguiole Knife Gift Set.

Whoever said that storing and serving bread had to be boring?

The baguette tray measures approximately 15" L x 6" W.  Contains a Laguiole Bread Knife.   

The baguette tray mimics the look of glazed ceramic, but is made of high-quality, durable, BPA-Free melamine.  

Perfect for children and adults of all ages, for use during patio or outdoor dining, pool-side, at the beach, picnics, on boats or yachts, RVs or in vacation homes.

You will never have boring baked goods served at your home ever again!

Le Cadeaux item GS-BT-ATQT

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