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Katherine's Collection

Winona Witch With Broom and Cat 28-128159

Katherines Collection 28-128159 Winona Witch With Broom and Cat Halloween


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The Katherine's Collection Winona the Witch with Broom and Cat is a crafted in magnificent detail.  Winona looks a bit stuck as her spell hasn't turned out the way she hoped.  Plus her companions haven't been the best of help in helping her unravel the mystery as her cat pays with fish bones and pumpkin grumbles at her.  

It's a beautiful piece to  complete your Halloween decoration.

Part of the 2021 Katherine's Collection limited edition Which Way to Witchville Halloween collection.  

This collectible features amazing hand-painted details and a metal tag with the brand of the artist.  Made of painted resin with embellishments

Great for tabletops and shelves.  

Piece measures 11-3/4 in x 8 in wide by 16-1/4" tall