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BAKER ROWE Believes Equality is a Human Right

To our Baker Rowe family, customers, suppliers + more,

Baker Rowe makes a promise reaffirming our belief with our staff, our partners and our customers that equality is a human right. We condemn all forms of racism and injustice against all races, religions, sexual preferences and genders.  

We promise to continue to engage, to listen and to learn about the systemic issues of racism here in the United States.  

We are reevaluating our vendor relationships ensuring that they meet our values and expectations.

Growing up I have been fortunate to live in many paces.  On the negative I have seen great wealth and great poverty including the effects of racism against social groups for their religious views, the color of their skin or even their gender.  

Since I started Baker Rowe in 2012 I have evaluated our vendors, business partners and suppliers and will only work with people we could stand behind.  There have been many times over the years I have passed on products, business partnerships or vendors due to questionable ethics.  

We have hired people with disabilities, worked with rehabilitated criminals, hired and hired employees with diverse backgrounds. 

My goal is to commit to listen to activists on behalf of the Black community, and advocating for immigrants, women, and rights of the LBBTQ community.   

Our goal is to make a measurable change within the community and ultimately society as a whole.