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Cynthia Rowley

Blue Etched Tropical Fish Glasses Set

Cynthia Rowley Blue Etched Tropical Fish Wine Glasses Stemless Glasses Set

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Elevate your beverages with these beautiful coastal Cynthia Rowley blue and clear etched fish glasses.

Glasses have tropical fish swimming in an upward swimming or schooling fish pattern.  Some etched fish are painted blue.   

These beautiful glasses may / may not have tiny bubbles above the fish in the glasses. 

Available in four (4) piece sets, stemless wine or wine glasses:

  • Stemless wine glasses measures:  Stemless wine glasses measure approximately 5" tall and are 2-3/4" in diameter across the top.  Stemless glasses hold approximately 16 fluid oz. of liquid

  • Wine glasses Wine glasses measures approximately 9-3/8" tall by 3-1/4" wide. The bowl is approximately 4-3/4" deep and the rim is approximately 2-7/8" in diameter.  Wine glasses hold approximately 22 fl oz of liquid.  

The wine stems where redesigned in 2020, made slightly larger to accommodate more liquid. 

Glasses are etched and delicate in nature.  Hand wash only and not for use with hot liquids.

These are a limited buy with limited quantities available.