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Le Cadeaux

Antiqua Turquoise Dinner Plates Set 217ATQT

810266022780 217ATQT Le Cadeaux Antiqua Turquoise Dinner Plates


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Beautiful Le Cadeaux Antiqua Turquoise dinner plates are made of durable, BPA-Free melamine for indoor or outdoor dining.  

Le Cadeaux melamine is perfect for children and adults of all ages to use every day, for patio dining, pool-side, at the beach, picnics, on boats or yachts, RVs or in vacation homes.

Available in four (4)-piece and eight (8)-piece sets.  Each plate measures approximately 11" across in diameter.  

Like all melamine and plastic serving ware, not for use in microwaves or the oven.

Buy it today and elevate your dining experience.  

Le Cadeaux Item 217ATQT