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Coordinating your retired Le Cadeaux Havana Collection

Laura Baker

Posted on January 31 2021

The Le Cadeaux Havana Collection is beautiful turquoise and navy blue Spanish / Mexican tile print.  The pieces have subtly scalloped edges, textured surface.
Le Cadeaux Havana Collection was retired from Le Cadeaux in December of 2019 and is no longer available, we have limited pieces in stock.  Consider other collections that coordinate with Havana to create a beautiful and cohesive look.  
I personally own Havana and love use these pieces on my boat.  I love this gorgeous turquoise and navy blue print.  I mix and match Havana with Campania Blue pieces to create a cohesive look against the lighter gray countertops in my kitchen.  
Another collection I have personally have and have used for years is the Le Cadeaux Rustica Antique White Collection.   I use Rustica Antique White every day in my home and mix it with my Havana when I need additional pieces for entertaining.  Havana and Rustica Antique White are based on the same plate style and both have slightly scalloped edges.


I personally own a lot of Le Cadeaux and my next favorite pieces to mix together are the Bistro Bianco Collection and Havana.  Bistro Bianco is a very clean and classic design that works with several Le Cadeaux pieces.  I use it primarily for entertaining, but it's a wonderful everyday collection too.  

Arriving March 2021, two new collections to consider as well are Le Cadeaux Terra Dark Blue, Terra White and Terra Blue. All have the slightly scalloped edges and similar plate shape to Havana.
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