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Coordinating Santorini Dinnerware with Le Cadeaux Beverage Collections


Le Cadeaux Santorini fish is a whimsical coastal collection with Mediterranean influences in shades of blue and turquoise.   

This is a beloved print, but customers have challenges coordinating their dinnerware with Le Cadeaux beverage collections.  

Le Cadeaux has four (4) collections: Fleur, Milano, Jewel and Santorini and their beverage collections come in five current colors: blue, teal, turquoise, clear and yellow.  The challenge is that not every collection has the same pieces or come in the same colors.  

The two most common reasons for beverage tumbler exchanges are:

1.  I didn't realize that turquoise and teal are not the same colors

2.  I didn't realize that blue and teal are not the same colors.  

So to assist you with helping you get the product you though you where ordering the first time, below are suggestions to assist you with your purchase.  


1.  Le Cadeaux Santorini has a special beverage collection of coordinating small tumblers, large tumblers and bottles available in Turquoise, clear and blue.  The collections where designed and coordinate well together.  Santorini though does not have a wine 'glass' so many people ask what else coordinates with their collection.


2.  We often suggest the Milano and Fleur collections with Santorini as they have both clear and blue wine tumblers.  

Above highlights teal and blue with the Le Cadeaux Santorini collection.  


3.  As mentioned above, many people don't realize when shopping online that Le Cadeaux Milano and Fleur Teal are not the same color as Santorini Turquoise. Here is side by side comparison to show the differences between the tumblers and the tumblers next to the Santorini collection.  


I wouldn't suggest something that I couldn't stand behind.  Personally, I own the Santorini collection and use it on my boat.  Since storage space is limited on boats, I coordinate my dinnerware with the Le Cadeaux Fleur blue, yellow and clear wine tumblers as they hang below the cabinet and don't take up space in the cabinet.  

I use three colors because when I entertain, I like to give guests different colored tumblers so they know which one is their glass.  

If you go with the Fleur or Milano collections, we like the blue over the teal,  but everyone likes different things, so we like to show you the customer the options available.  

We hope this helps you make a better informed decision.  If you have any additional questions, we are here to help.  Please email customerservice@bakerrowe.com or call 1-800-545-3601. 

Thank you, we hope you enjoy the Le Cadeaux Santorini Collection.