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Privacy Policy

At Baker Rowe we take your privacy seriously.  


We do not sell our customer's personal information or data.  

We collect your information in the below ways.

A1.  If you place an order at Baker Rowe or purchase a product directly from Baker Rowe on a 3rd party website such as (google express checkout, eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, etc).  We store this information to provide customer service to each and every customer.  

We collect and store your:

  • Order number
  • Products purchased
  • Names
  • Email addresses and or telephone number 
  • Shipping addresses (and billing addresses if different)

A2.  In addition, we share this information with our website’s app companies to assist in the running of our website.

  1. Shipstation
  2. Abandoned cart recover
  3. Back in stock Alerts
  4. Customer Privacy Banner
  5. Facebook
  6. Fraud Filter
  7. Kit
  8. Outify
  9. Pre-Order Now
  10. Privy
  11. Simple contact us
  12. Social Login by Oxi Apps
  13. Tax Jar 

B.  If you sign up to receive customer communications.  

  • Names
  • Email addresses and or telephone number 

C.  We monitor our website traffic.  We monitor traffic to provide the best customer service, see if there are additional products we should stock, or sell products in additional countries, improve our product pages visuals, loading times and descriptions, improve our website navigation and research other languages we should sell our products in.  We collect and review the below information:

  • Dates / Times customers visit our website
  • What page customers land on 
  • Time spent on our website
  • Where in the world you’re located.  
  • How did you find our company

We obtain this information directly from potential customers and directly from customers who place an order on our website or from our e-commerce website partners.  

We only collect this information to provide the best customer service for our potential customers and customers.  

Only Baker Rowe has access to this information and our other

For additional information please contact customerservice@bakerrowe.com