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Le Cadeaux

Le Mer Assorted Mini Dipping Bowls 401MER

401MER 810056674601 Le Cadeaux Le Mer Holiday 12-Piece Dipping Bowl Condiment Set


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Don't call the Le Cadeaux Le Mer Mini Dipping Bowls small.  These whimsical  limited edition collection from Le Cadeaux that you never thought you needed but have so many uses. A set of 12 dipping bowls in fresh and colorful La Mer pattern featuring starfish, sea shells, fish, sea turtle and octopus.  

Use to store salt close by for cooking, prep work for cooking, serve individual cut fruits, ice cream, dips, condiments, and more.    

These bowls have the look like expensive ceramic bowls, but are made of durable, high quality, BPA-Free melamine that can be used indoors or outside.  The bowls are dishwasher safe and like all melamine and plastic serving ware, not for use in microwaves or in the oven.

12-piece bowl set.  Le Mer has six patterns and you are buying two of each of the pattern.  Each bowl measures 4.75" across in diameter

Le Cadeaux Item 401MER