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Katherine's Collection

Midnight Tall Pumpkin 28-028787

28-028787 Katherines Collection Midnight Tall Pumpkin Halloween


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The Katherine's Collection Midnight Tall Pumpkin Halloween Decor is a crafted in magnificent detail with an impossibly detailed face which creates the illusion the pumpkin really might come to life at any moment from the vine.  .

The Midnight Tall Pumpkin might look tormented, but he is sure to have the opposite effect on Halloween party guests. His extremely life-like face is frozen in permanent horror, and his vine arms held to his head in surprise serve to accentuate his anguish.

Pair with the Midnight Short Pumpkin (not included) to create an intriguing pumpkin patch of decor.  

Great for tabletops, entry ways and shelves.  

Piece measures approximately 18 × 11.5 × 19 in