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Katherine's Collection

Moonstruck Santa Wall Decor 28-028664

28-028664 Katherines Collection Moonstruck Santa Wall Decor UPC:810074120296

$319.50 $400.00

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From Katherine's Collection, this beautiful, handcrafted Moonstruck Santa Wall Display.  This Santa face is in a beautiful shape of a crescent moon. He has on a white hat with a diamond pattern and gold stars cascading from the tip.  

The base of the hat has a faux fur rim and a beautiful star jewelry piece.  His beard and 'hair' looks like a curly mess shaped into a crescent moon shape.

Made by Katherine's Collection. Made of resin, paper mache, fabric and metal.

Piece Measures approximately 18 × 5.3 × 25 inches


Part of the Katherine's Collection Christmas Collection.  Retired.  

Item 28-028664, UPC 810074120296