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Le Cadeaux

Vischio Cereal Bowls Set 243VIS

Le Cadeaux Vischio Dinner Plates 227VIS


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Gorgeous, Le Cadeaux Limited Edition Holiday Collection Vischio Round Salad Plates.

These beautiful plates have a gorgeous red and green floral holiday print with a slightly textured surface to prevent from dropping and slightly scalloped edges along the rim.  

Available in four (4)-piece and eight (8)-piece sets.  Each plate measures approximately 9" across in diameter.  

Le Cadeaux item 229VIS

These places are made of the highest quality, shatterproof BPA-Free Melamine that mimic the look of expensive, glazed ceramic plates. 

Dishwasher safe, but like all melamine they are not for use in the microwave or in the oven.