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Durable dinnerware, perfect for everyday

Laura Baker

Posted on April 26 2018

When I first graduated from college, I purchased beautiful and colorful, Italian made dishes from Pottery Barn. It was one of my first big purchases. These dishes where one of the few items that made the journey across the country with me and survived a decade, but within two years of my son's birth all but three dinner plates and two bowls and a platter remained.

Eating on china seemed impractical and for the next six years, my family only ate on inexpensive plastic plates. They didn't break when my son dropped them on the floor and they didn't take up the limited space in my kitchen cupboards.

My family ate on these plastic plates for years until I had guests over and I became embarrassed when I debated if I should have them eat on these plastic plates or disposable paper plates. Sadly, I went with the disposable paper plates and decided on that day that we needed a change and I couldn't eat on plastic plates anymore.

I needed durable dinnerware that could stand up to my family, my clumsiness, where safe to eat on and was high quality as while being beautiful enough to use if I had guests.

Le Cadeaux Rustiqua Antique White Melamine

I found Le Cadeaux Rustica Antique White melamine dinnerware and began using it every day.  It looks like expensive ceramic dinnerware, but all of the pieces are constructed of the highest quality, virtually indestructible, BPA-Free melamine.  

Le Cadeaux Rustiqua Antique White Melamine    

These pieces have survived my son who's now a teen, outdoor diners, several children's birthday parties and a large family Thanksgiving dinner.

Plus, you can put them in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning up so easy (if you have a dishwasher).

Le Cadeaux Antiqua Turquoise Melamine     

My only critique is that you can't microwave melamine, which has motivated our family to not reheat and cook more dinners.  

Now, I entertain more and haven't been embarrassed by my dinnerware.  I've been proud of how easy it is to use for guests, for every day and even outdoor dining.  

Le Cadeaux Havana Melamine Dinnerware

Melamine plates come in different patterns, colors and looks.  Guests are surprised to discover the plates aren't real porcelain china.  Others, without knowing that the plates where melamine have asked for paper plates for their kids to eat with.  

Available at Baker Rowe is a large variety of melamine that suites almost every taste.  If you have a similar story, we'd love to hear it.  


Laura Baker

Owner of Baker Rowe




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