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Introducing Le Cadeaux's New Serving Bowls

Laura Baker

Posted on March 13 2018

Le Cadeaux Antiqua Blue Le Cadeaux Allegra Red  Le Cadeaux Antiqua Turquoise     

New for spring 2018 and available on BakerRowe.com

Le Cadeaux's new 10" melamine salad bowl, serving bowls.  Durable, beautiful, practical dinnerware that’s perfect for klutzes and children of all ages.

I am one of the clumsiest, least graceful people you will ever meet + I have a 95 pound lab and 12 year old.  I live in a world where things break and I am always on the search for durability.  

Le Cadeaux's new salad bowls for two, measure 10" wide by 3 inches deep.  Perfect for bowls, salads, cut fruit, pasta or use for dips, appetizers, desserts or for sides.  

This dinnerware is really pretty, looks like ceramics and survives my son dropping it on the floor and the dog trying to clean up the mess.  

Collections Salad bowl for 2 available in:

  • Rustica Antique White (232 RUAW)
  • Antiqua Turquoise (230 ATQT)
  • Antiqua Red (230 ATQR)
  • Antiqua Blue (230 ATQB)
  • Santorini (228SAN)
  • Florence (231FLOR)
  • Moroccan Blue (230MRCB)
  • Marrakech (230MAR)
  • Campania (242CAMB)
  • Capri (230 CAPR)
  • Floral Harvest (230FLH)
  • Havana (230HAV)
  • Madrid Turquoise (231MADT)
  • Benidorm (231BEN) 
  • Allegra Red (230 ALGR)

Perfect for Easter entertaining and throughout the year.  Use indoors and outdoors at the beach, the river, BBQs, in your RV, on your boat or in your own kitchen.

Le Cadeaux Capri Le Cadeaux Campania BlueLe Cadeaux Antiqua Red


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