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Allegra Red

The Le Cadeaux Allegra Collection is beautiful Spanish / Mexican tile print.  The pieces have subtly scalloped edges, textured surface with light grey veining and a solid red back.  

This collection was retired from Le Cadeaux in January of 2020 and is no longer available, we do not have any more pieces in stock.  We ask you to consider other collections that coordinate with Allegra Red to create a beautiful and cohesive look.  

Our first suggestion is to mix Le Cadeaux Garnet with your Allegra Red Collection.  The Garnet coordinates with the band from the Allegra Red collection.   


One of the most asked about, is if the Le Cadeaux Vischio Collection coordinates with the Allegra Red Collection.  Vischio and Allegra Red have the same Red and Green but Allegra Red has turquoise in it, which is absent from Vischio.  To pull two pieces together though, we feel you need to mix solid Garnet in to make the mix look a little more cohesive.  The Vischio doesn't have light gray veining on the plate, more of a solid white.  



Another beautiful and playful look is to mix Antiqua Turquoise with Allegra Red.  The turquoise blue draws out the turquoise blue accents on the Allegra Red collection.  Plus the Antiqua Turquoise also has light gray veining which coordinates with the Allegra Red beautifully.  It also makes the Allegra Red collection more versatile year round.  
The Le Cadeux Bistro Bianco Collection is a classic white dinnerware set.  We like to mix Allegra Red Serving Pieces with the Bistro White Dinner Plates, Salad Plates and Cereal Bowls.  The Bistro collection doesn't have scalloped edges like the Allegra Red Collection but still helps you mix and match nicely.  


Arriving in Spring 2021, the new Le Cadeaux Terra White collection coordinates beautifully with the Le Cadeaux Allegra Red Collection.  The base white with the gray veining pull the looks together beautifully.  In addition, Terra white has scalloped edges that coordinate beautifully.  


Arriving in Spring 2021, the new Le Cadeaux Terra Dark Blue collection will be asked about.  The blues are a bit different  but it has subtle gray veining on the blue in addition to the scalloped edges.
Also arriving Spring 2021, the new Le Cadeaux Terra Blue collection could possibly mix with the Allegra Red Collection.  The blues are a bit different  but it does have subtle gray veining in addition to the scalloped edges.
Ultimately the choice is up to you the customer. We hope the above looks will help you piece together a look that works best for you.  

For additional ideas, please visit the collection home page to get looks you can use to help mix and match or reach out to customerservice@bakerrowe.com or call 1-800-545-3601.

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