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Your Le Cadeaux collection was retired, now what?

It happens to all of us, you find something you love, you decide you need more pieces, then find out that the collection was retired.  

Several times a week we get inquiries, phone calls, messages, Facebook posts and more asking us do we have something that's retired.  

Sometimes we might have a piece or two we can sell you.  Most of the time though, we use our network to contact other sellers and ask them to check their stock room, sometimes we contact the manufacturer and ask where they sent the last of their collections, we check eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and more trying to help you track down pieces.  

We often suggest coordinating collections, please check out blog posts for suggestions to mix your pieces together.  

Allegra Red


More than often though Le Cadeaux collections are designed to coordinate with other collections and we can work with you to help you coordinate collections to make a cohesive look.  For additional ideas, please visit the collection home page to get looks you can use to help mix and match or reach out to customerservice@bakerrowe.com or call 1-800-545-3601.